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The Saudi Journalist Murder

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Well, you'll have probably seen or heard of this if you stay in-tune to any and all current events, and albeit being around for a month or so, it's a highly heated topic. 
But, for those that haven't, on the 2nd of October, Jamal Khashoggi - a well known Saudi journalist, was reported missing in Istanbul after attending a Saudi Consulate to obtain marriage papers, and now his bodies been found after he was tortured and beaten by Saudi agents, who've been foiled in a cover up attempt, and been branded as a "Rogue Cell" by the Saudi Prince.

For me, I think this will have major trade repercussions with SA and NATO, possibly ending weapon sales to them, due to Angela Merkle halting all sales to the country after the news was broadcast stating that it was a Saudi plot. The credibility of the men in power of SA are being considered now more than ever, so who knows if this might lead to a trade fragment, or possibly even to SA siding closer to Russia than NATO in the stage of Geo-Politics.
This does come after SA's involvement in Yemen, which has already brought Human Rights and political credibility into question, when they embargoed a vital aid port from supply- receiving scorn from many western powers over its actions
For me, i hope that the nation finally gets its recognition as a Human Rights violator, it's been a long time coming, in both Middle Eastern Issues and the Issues within the Nation itself.

So, what are your takes and possible repercussions this could have on the Saudi Kingdom? Debate/respond below!
(Why does SA = Server admin lol, it's meant to be Saudi Arabia, gg)

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Plenty of other journalists die in mysterious ways in the States and other countries but never get investigated, the only reason this is happening is because Erdogan spoke up, Nato/US don't actually care or they would investigate the hundreds of missing journalists reporting negatively on their countries



Thats just one of the thousands and her killers actually got arrested, of course the person who ordered it will likely never be charged

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