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Hello, I am looking for someone to make my special request so the format will differ. I already asked permission from Roy, since he was the only one available out of the other directors that I tried asking or whomever was available. It consists of non-GFL related links so hence why I needed permission. I will show you samples of my previous theme design and I want something similar or better.



Type: Credit Page, Recruitment Page, and Logo (3 total design)


Credit Page - 730 x 1065 px or 851 x 315 px

Recruitment Page - 650 x 400 px 

Logo - 360 x 414 px


Credit Page:

  • Chapter #
  • Comic Title
  • Credits
  • Translator: [insert name]
  • Proofreader: [insert name]
  • Cleaner: [insert name]
  • Typesetter: [insert name]
  • Quality Checker: [insert name]
  • Raws can be fount at: [insert link]
  • For first hand updates visit: [insert link]
  • Download can be found in our discord: https://discord.gg/XtdsCMJ

Recruitment Page:

  • BAP Scans needs your help!
  • We have tons of pending projects that needs you to help us release faster chapters! We are accepting temporary lazy bums and joints as well for any of our projects that we have available~ If anyone is interested, please read the rest of this message for more information!!
  • Hiring:
  • Korean Translator
  • Japanese Translator
  • Chinese Translator
  • Editor (Cleaner / Typesetter)
  • Redrawers
  • Always make sure to contribute to the mangaka and buy the original copy if it's available in your country.
  • If you're interested in helping out, send an application to our email~
  • Website: https://bapscans.com
  • Reader: https://mangadex.org/group/433/bap-scans
  • Email: bapscans@gmail.com
  • Discord: https://discord.gg/XtdsCMJ


  • BAP Scans
  • Best Absolute Perfect

Images/Resources: Any of the images and resources can be used for the particular type of request. You are not required to use all of them, and your own is also allowed if you have a better design for it.

Example/Sample: Here are the previous designs or samples of the pages that I wanted.






Extra Information: The only file that I request that you send me a copy of the PSD is the recruitment page and credit page. Logo can stay as an image file and I'd prefer that it has transparency for the logo. 

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I've talked with the GFX members within the Media Team, and I'm sorry to say that no one is willing to take your request. Due to how much time and effort goes into the request, (~+12 hours). Feel free to keep this open if you would like, but none of the Media Team will pick this up. However, if you offer some sort of reward for doing this, then we will reconsider taking your request.

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@Aura Ok... Those should only take at least 1-2 hours to make. I have no idea how hard you guys have to think about how long it should take to make. I did not request it to be done within just a day. One request done at a time is fine with me. The reason why I'm not making it is because I was hoping it to be done like a learning experience and so that I can use it as well later on.

I personally made the second and fourth design, and it took me less than 2 hours to make it. You do not need to think too hard and use too much resources. That's all I asked for. But if your team cannot do it, then I'll just wait for someone that's not on the team to take it.




Thanks to Alexis for taking the request. I'll be waiting for update 

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