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Avengers: Endgame official trailer

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Honestly pretty sad that literally no one has had anything to say about this.... I have a shit ton to say.... 

One of my theories is that at the end of Captain Marvel the after credit scene is going to be of Captain Marvel (aka Vers ;)) will end up finding tony and i nebula in that ship.. because if you remember from infinity war part one at the end Tony and nebula were the only ones left on titan.  So they had to leave somehow which im thinking was on the ship that nebula crash landed with.  So anyhow, Vers is going to find them and bring them back to earth, and they are somehow someway going to use the time stone to bring back everyone who was killed with it.  I also believe that there is a separate "world" so to speak for the victims who are taken by the soul stone.  If you remember the flash back of gamora when she was young in the soul "world".  Theres so many theories on whats going to happen, Cap is gone for sure.. among a few others that i cant guess.. but i have a feeling that this one is going to be an absolute blood bath, plus they make the trailer and the title seem so destroyed and depressing... in the end i think they're somehow either going to get more infinity stones OR get thanos glove off of him using the time stone.  Thats my rant

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