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Christmas Giveaway!

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This is very late, but I did not forget!


Here are the official winners:



I picked myself as 1 and made it go through to the end of the last valid post for the bounds of the random number generator. So 2 would be Broskii, etc.


With that being said, these are the winners:

  1. @Ashy The Neko
  2. @Diablodoggy28
  3. @Winter


I did 5 drawings just in case a VIP/Supporter won and wanted to raffle off their VIP/Member prize and only take one.


Unfortunately (or, perhaps, fortunately since it gives y'all a second chance) there were no VIP winners, unless they have the perms and I'm an idiot who can't see them or if they're VIP/Supporter expired before the raffle end date. In which case, please PM me about that.


Anyway, Ashy then Diablo then Winter will pick what prizes they want. 


Thank you for everyone who signed up for this giveaway. I'll try to figure out what the best way to give away KSP will be since it seemed like many people wanted it. Maybe I'll make it open to members this time. Anyhow, hope you enjoyed the suspense. And sorry for the late post.

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3 hours ago, Major_Push said:


Any of the 3 member ones. 

I'll take owlboy seems the most interesting to me

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@Major_Push are we still waiting for Ashy on this?


I would like Tacoma if it is still available. Thanks ❤️

Edited by Winter

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