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Looking For Active Admins

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 Looking For Active Admins!

(Anyone can apply) 


Current Staff

Manager: @TheJitFace

Senior Admin: @JGuary551

Admins: None


We will need about 2 more admins who can be active and AFK on the server when needed to populate it. 

To apply, just post your application in this forum with this template: 

Steam Name:
Steam ID:
Primary Language:
Hours (Must be at least 2):

 Why Did You Apply: 


(For any questions PM @TheJitFace)

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Steam Name: Sawry Laydeez for being too sexy

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:51334285

Primary Language: Spanish/English

Hours (Must be at least 2): 2(Probably more)
Why Did You Apply:  Just having fun and trying to help to get more players, not just in the server, but also in the game.
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