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[Server Update] CS:GO EU 1v1 Arena

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GFL has now added a new CS:GO EU 1v1 Arena server to it's CS:GO Division to accompany the successful US server.

The new EU server should help a lot of the people regarding ping such as me who are not from the US area. The actual location of the server is in UK with the new provider. Feel free to join at


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Server already at 10+ and it's like 5 AM UK time.. CS:GO division is looking good 😄


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41 minutes ago, Kite9867 said:



At first I thought there was no help for CS:GO division. But it seems I'm wrong. Keep up with the good work. ❤️

if I'm being honest 1v1 us was doing so well and had so much population and a lot where from the eu the plan was to release jb then release the eu server but when you get 10 people while testing and it has reached a somewhat stable point why not open it and work on it while it is being tested I have a few people who should be working on helping populate that server already but only two base population atm sadly one is from the us which I feel is gonna work harder then the man who is actually from the uk :L


also we welcome anyone who can afk over there it really helps just simply leave your pc running over night.

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