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Who's the fastest bhopper on ZE?

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good spawns help. you can only hop so fast. non of these "top tier" hoppers are passing anyone who knows how to hop well . Once you learn it its ezpz.  Recognize there movement and how close they can strafe around a wall without touching it or how fast they can go up/down stair cases, how fast they can do parkour. BiohazardRPD is a good example of speed and control. Its more about character control which makes you "FAST" and just remember were all strafe walking when you should. Its much more then just bhopping. Learn the exact hops on maps even to the point where you understand that your 5th hop on a certain part might slow you down etc. its alot about map knowledge.

I think a good speed/control test is the first level of skyrim. Very ridged giving you random angles Throughout the whole start but you can hit the run with great speed if done correctly.


dreamin: after the tp where the freeze item is there is a angled upwards climb , as soon as you reach the top and gain enough speed to get your first hop you can hop all the way until the gravity brings you up giving you the best velocity to hit the trigger. shit like that.




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The best bhopper on csgo ze is quia by far. And if u think i'm wrong it's cause u don't know shit about movement xD

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15 minutes ago, hotEvercLear said:

I am the best defender and defend more than anyone else so i know the best bhoper is future admin Enick

It me

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