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Ninja Chris

how to launch ze escape game

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in this tutorial i will show you how launch ze escape game


step 1: you must go to your desktop


to do this you must be a human. to be a human you must not be a zombie or spectator. most people have desktop as their desktop button option but it might variety.



8771ebcd7d.pngep 2: launch to the ze escape game or the chairlift


  • you must run from the chairlift! shoot them if you dont wanna lift 


  1. step 3: i lost track, but make it to the desktop. follow your friends and be instructed on how to launch!!! ze escape game or get a like you degenerates is what i always say

9531cee824.gif it's funnier with audio but they'll ban one of my 50 accounts i haven't used in 2 years ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


step 4: got to launch the ze escape game


step 5: u launch a tough ze escape game. 



If you liked this post, please leave me suggestions for the next ZE guide you wish for me to do. I'm sending this to my awesome ze clan group! If you wanna join just message me with a venmo of 17000 moms

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i spent more time uploading the gif than i did making this entire thread
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