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New Moderation application

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What is your TeamSpeak username and Discord ID? WigglesWorth#9434


Which platforms are you applying for?




How would you describe your activity there?



Why are you interested in becoming a Moderator?


The current mods on discord rarely actually enforce the rules and rather partake in the behaviors that we should be preventing. I'm already mod on gmod discord and extended discord, plus I'm on the forums atleast once a day and would probably just use forum mod to close inappropriate topics or appeals and such that need closed and moved.


How would you typically go about handling a conflict between two users?


Discuss calmly what is wrong, find a middle ground. If it continues, (--beat the shit outta them--) then follow the guidelines (verbal warn, systematic warn, mute)


Have you ever been warned or muted? If so, explain what happened.


Not since the good ole days of Wiggles vs Dan. Good times, goooood times

Although I was pretty argumentive in the internal discord, so I do have a bit to work on.

As a final note, I know we're pretty stacked on mods currently so I don't mind this being put on hold until more mods are needed. Just been deciding whether or not I'd be a competent mod or if I was just gonna be another wasteful space.



Moderators, please +1 or -1 this application with an explanation for your vote.

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+1 i shouldn't have to explain my reasoning wiggles knows what's what

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Neutral as per usual. Going to watch in upcoming days. Generally think he would be a good mod to bring back to the team.

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You will be the last moderator accepted for now, for various reasons:

  • You are already Mod in GFL Servers.
  • You are active.
  • You have been a Moderator before.
  • Positive votes.



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