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SCP-345 sugestin (please implemetnet!)

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@Maximino007 you inspired this 


you Are SCP-345

you'.re fuckign god




Infinity beceuase hes god and he ca'nt die idio[t


fast: hes noclippign constamtly bcsuae je can telporet




mechainic (how do you spell mehcaining i cant spell it)


he can noclinp around and kill people with one cliick but he losees points because its rude to k.il other playrtes



he can aslo kill ohter SPCs because hes ogod remember hes g



he cannn als spawn on reserarhcer and MTf team because he helpses foundatio



guy s  why is the tecxt black i cant se it what


ok i know waht youre thinkingn. "Bmooer! tjis is inbalacned!" and i know rietard.



Theis is the blalance: ehes the only SCPs that spanwns. But sometime s he can spawn twith 106 ot 183 or 2 other SCPS because hef works with them


ok brb gu8ys my mom is callign me for dinner were haging Spaghetti Os ill finish this later



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19 minutes ago, Maximino007 said:

durrrrr 345 shold bees able too kills everyones in 1s hits lik th nuke

-1 too waek

makes it soos we cans nuke everyons with 1 second specal cooldon so it balance

no thats shit and balanced it unbalanced

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