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Just sneaking this back in



SCP-261 "Pan-Dimensional vending"


SCP-261 is a vending machine that is capable of producing any number of random snacks with odd outcomes. This SCP produces different things depending on the amount of currency put in and the amount of times it has been used




SCP-261 would be treated similar to SCP-294 as it would be a healing machine essentially. SCP-261 however is limited to 10 uses in a 5 minute period, and furthermore not all the items vended will heal or may even slightly damage the player. This is however highly random unless it has been used more than 10 times in the 5 minuets. 




The most likely item is a bag of unbranded chips healing 20 HP


The next is slightly rarer as it heals 25 HP, it is a small package of snack cakes.


The third rarest item is an unbranded energy drink, restoring 50 HP and giving a slight speed boost


On the side of the negatives is package of crackers healing only 5 HP, as the second most common item.


Next is a box of "Jacks Tacks" which is just a box of tacks, dealing 10 damage.


The second rarest item is a juice pouch of "Mercury Blast" which is just liquid mercury in a pouch, dealing 30 damage.


The rarest item in the machine has a much higher chance to spawn if the machine has been used over 10 times. The item is a plastic bottle of "Xtreme Weight Loss", which contains a liquid singularity inside the bottle. After drinking the drinker will implode, instantly dying.

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I don't see why not. This has potential for some other posible outputs, and would fit in with other dispensable SCPs like 1162, 294, and 330.


There's a model on the workshop too, right here. So anyways, +1


Any idea on where this would go however? Speaking in-regards of Site-19.

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