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SCP-127: the living gun




SCP-127 appears at first to be an ordinary mp5k sub machine gun, however after further observation, it is 100% organic inside of its metal casing. SCP-127 requires only water, calcium and proteins to survive. SCP-127 is capable of semi-automatic and full auto fire (when switched an audible groan can be heard). The magazine (typically 60 shots) is entirely attached to the gun and can not be removed in any way.  After firing all rounds the magizene will "regrow" in 3-5 days.


In game:


Scp-127 would be available in the LCZ armory and would have 60 rounds as stated with most the same properties of the mp5 already in game. However it would regenerate its 60 rounds every minute, making it valuable to pick up. The player would not be able to pick up ammo for it however, making it only reload when it regrows.

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Dude, i've been suggesting this for a looong time.

I Think it might be on a to-do list, but way at the bottom.

I Don't know.

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14 hours ago, wolfblade109 said:

The suggestion has been around for a year, but you gotta remind xy or he wont remember it.

I Suggested it again on Jan 17th, 22/23 Days ago.

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