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Media Team Application from xkorza

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My Age: 13


Video Editor/Streamer


Do I have any experience in the selected roles: Yes


Examples of my work:

https://youtube.com/xkorza https://twitch.tv/xkorza



Why I think I will be a good Creative Team member?

I am good with interacting with audiences and have lots of experience on being a streamer and a video editor


Would I consider making profit: Yes

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Hey, thank you for your interest in the media team!


So the team has discussed a bit and we have some concerns that I'd like for you to clear up:


1.  Your application is very bland and uninspired. We want to make sure you have a real interest in being part of the team and being comfortable and passioned to do your work when requested. 


2.  You had joined GFL right before you applied and we're unsure if you'll stay dedicated and active or find yourself not enjoying your time and leaving abruptly. 


If you could help calm our worries, then we can move on to the test 

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