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Dreae has applied for Developer

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My Age: 24


My Talent: 

Just looking for something to work on in my free time.


Relevant Experience:

SM DeadZones - SourceMod plugin that lets you place 'deadzones' on a map. Players in deadzones can neither be shot, nor shoot out. Useful for protecting spawns.

sm-ext-rpc - SourceMod extension for making RPC calls between plugins running on different servers. Includes an example implementation using the extension to create a simple chat plugin allowing players to communicate across servers. RPC messages are cryptographically signed with a shared secret to prevent abuse.

sm-ext-discord - SourceMod extension exposing an API to plugins for sending and listening for discord messages.

discord_reports - Simple SourceMod plugin using sm-ext-discord to allow players to report rule-breakers to a discord channel. Automatically builds new versions with GitLab CI on push.


There's a bunch more stuff on my GitLab


Hours/Week: 4-8 mostly on weekends

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Seems knowledgeable and experienced (especially if look at his old post and work, this guy knows his stuff).



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Damn, I am really impressed by your work. I think I remember stalking you on forums a while back too, haha. Huge +1 from me!

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