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SCP-870 (Revised Suggestion)

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SCP-870's article:  http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-870


So this seems pretty early to do a revised suggestion on a suggestion I suggested 15 hours ago at the time when I'm suggesting this.

This was mainly inspired by @Boomer 's reply but the other replies also made me want to do this.

Also mostly everything will be different.



SCP-870 is a hallucination of an entity that really likes eating stuff including people.

Only people with schizophrenia can see SCP-870 and when they do it looks like a bunch of weird crap such as a giant ant with a human face.




  Health: 400

Attack Damage: 10

Attack Speed: Rapid

Movement Speed: SCP-076-2's speed

Spawn: SCP-1471's spawn (Both SCP-1471 and 870 cannot be in the same round.)



LMB: Bite (Attempts to eat an enemy) (Heals 20) (Inspired by @Cpt.Haxray's reply of how it's health gain is low)

RMB: Gives someone Schizophrenia (20 second cooldown) (Inspired by @Boomer 's reply)

Special: It can only attack people with Schizophrenia (Inspired by @Boomer 's reply)



Players with Schizophrenia can see and attack SCP-870.

Once the round starts and SCP-870 is in the round, 2 players spawn with Schizophrenia.

SCP-870 can see players with Schizophrenia and it can see players who don't have Schizophrenia.

The players with Schizophrenia are permanently highlighted with red around them for SCP-870 to know where they are.

This will help SCP-870 find the players with Schizophrenia easier.

Players who don't have Schizophrenia cannot attack SCP-870.

SCP-870 can be detected by an S-Nav Ultimate

If SCP-870 heals and it has it's health full, the added health will give SCP-870 extra health. (Example: 400 + 20 = 420)

When NTF spawn, there is a guaranteed chance that one of the NTF will have Schizophrenia. (Inspired by @Boomer 's reply)

If a player with Schizophrenia dies, a random alive player will have Schizophrenia so SCP-870 always has a target.

If SCP-870 gives someone Schizophrenia, the player who was given Schizophrenia by SCP-870 has something slightly different than the players who naturally got it.

Every minute the player who was given Schizophrenia by SCP-870 will see a flash similar to a flash grenade.


Playermodel: a Bat.  (Click the bat to see the playermodel)


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