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Scp-069: second chance




Scp-069 is a presumed huminoid entity of variable appearance and gender. Through an unknown ability, whenever SCP-069 is left alone with a recently deceased human body, the body will disappear and SCP-069 will take on the appearance, mannerisms, and knowledge of the recently dead individual.Through extensive experimentation, it has been shown that SCP-069 is completely indistinguishable from the individual it impersonates, matching the original individual's DNA. SCP-069 responds normally to injury and pain, but if killed, will rapidly decay into dust regardless of any preservation attempts. SCP-069 will then re-emerge at the site of the most recent human death. 


In game:


Scp-069 would spawn in as a class D and attempt to escape just like any other d class. However it has the ability to transfer itself into the role of any player (except other scp) when they die, fully healing and assuming the goal of whatever it becomes (For example if it changes to mtf, its goal becomes to contain the scp and d class).  It would be able to pick up items and other things similar to any other player but have more health. Other scp would be able to kill scp-069 and vice versa. 




250 hp

Full heal when changing roles

Special can only be triggered 5 seconds after the target dies, all items are retained.

20 second cooldown.




This scp adds a more intresting role for those that always get d class and make a intresting play style similar to 035. Players will need to decide if they should play it safe or see if they can kill someone and switch roles. 

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I actually thought about having this scp in the server a long time ago (but I wasnt so sure if it would be overpowered) but instead I imagined scp 69 being an item rather than a role, where you keep scp 69 in your inventory  and when you die you will respawn back at the role's spawn point

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