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imma do this

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hey @Supreme leader 049 can you uhhhh


let me do suggestion awards


your recent "Best suggestions for winter" post really inspired me to do a monthly suggestion award thing where i write down my favorite suggestions and then give them a nice, shiny, worthless pfd of an award



but im kinda stealing from you so im asking for permission like a good person








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whack is what we mafiosos like to do when how do you say it in Americana. dispose  show those who cause trouble a nice time with 'em requiring ice or a nice pair of cement shoes.  you'd think a level 10 hitman would know this.

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I'm sorry but doing a fancy kid's choice awards for every good and polished suggestion is simply pointless, as it just makes the winning suggestions appear better than the others.


Truth, if you really designed something good, and Ralsei ignores it anyways, then its probably ignored within reason. There's nothing much you can do about it, nor nothing much you should without unnecessarily bumping it and constantly mentioning ralsei.

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