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A quick word about Malpractice

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We just played a round of malpractice on breach. And can I say, wow. There were 18 scps when I counted.


But the round isn't unbalenced. I think it's actually quite balenced: the scps are very weak. The problem is that of people.


People want to be scps. Especially random ones they may never have player or may never get to be played. So basically everyone lets 049 turn them, even more than it used to when all the D class would line up in front of 049 like kids at an ice cream truck.

So how to solve this problem? Make there be a chance that you die when 049 touches you in Malpractice. It is called malpractice, after all, and most malpractice does not turn the patient into a super powered Lovecraftian murder machine, it hurts or kills the patient.


So just make there be, say, a 30% chance that 049 kills the person it tries to turn rather than changing them.


"Yes, well, it is not a perfect cure. But that will come with time."

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God i hate people who are like

"Just run to 049 :P"

This obviously won't stop people from doing it but some will die so less to deal with


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