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SCP-1507 "Pink Flamingos"(Except better)

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SCp-1507 is not an easy scp to even do, and idk why people are suddenly suggesting it again. That being said, if people are going to suggest it this much im gonna try to make a more interesting version that is also more accurate to the article.


This could also work as a special round(Call it "Birds? What birds?"). Im not sure if it would be easier as a special round or as a normal scp spawn(provided ralsei/xy is even interested in this suggestion in the first place).


Brief Description:

SCP-1507 is a collection of sapient and highly intelligent plastic pink lawn flamingos. They tend to attack in large groups and can call out to bring more to their side.



Health: 150-200(not sure where about it should be)

Speed: Human sprinting speed(they should be fast)

Left Click: Same damage output as 795's default attack and same speed, but applies a small slow(2%? 5%?) that stacks(so like old 2521's primary)

Right Click: Spawn in a group of additional scp-1507-1s(5-7) at a 'reinforcement' spawn point. (Similar to how 079's SH spawn acted in regards to cooldown(starts on cooldown, basically can only be used once per match). Cooldown shared between all SCP-1507-1s.

Passive: Other SCP-1507-1s are highlighted and can be seen through walls. Have jump height equal to low gravity special round's jump height.


Brief Gameplay Description:

Unlike most other SCPs, 1507 doesn't spawn in as a single person, but instead, a group of 5 to 7(not sure how large the swarm should be, tbh) SCP-1507-1 instances. They all spawn together in the same cell. While individually weak, they are encouraged to work together in a swarm as well as ambush unexpecting players(their high jump height allows them to get up to unexpected places to swoop down on people). As this SCP would end up incredibly weak as the round goes on due to members of the 'flock' dying, they can spawn in an additional group later in the round.(also something they can do in the lore, so yay).


Model: Pink Flamingo from 1950 model pack: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=663083175&searchtext=1950s+pack+II


Spawn Point: site-19 is crowded and its hard to figure out where they should spawn. 457's cell or 008's cell could work(depending on which is not currently used) as well as the bridge area past 096's lock room(can't access that pathway before round begins anyway, so it could work as a spawn).

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This seems alright, an actual swarm SCP could easily help in overwhelming MTF rather than displacing them as other SCPs do. +1


You know, as a small nod to its tale, you may make it so that SCP-1507 instances can have some type of ability to speak through the radio, or even the intercom in an attempt to fool dumb personnel or just as a fun way to taunt TRO or MTF.

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