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Taking a break

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This is a really big contrast from my last post, but i thought i might as well mention it sooner rather than later.


Lately ive come to the conclusion that im very unhappy with my life. I've disconnected myself from the people i love, and my friends. And ive sacrificed all that to spend more time on this game, and on my phone.


I just spend way too much time on here, and its starting to take a toll on my mental state. Ive become depressed, and ive drifted away from alot of my friends. 


So im gonna be a lot less active on this server from today moving forward. I will still announce the winners of those dumb awards tomorrow, but im just gonna take some time for myself.


Im sure some of the players who dont exactly love me such as @Cpt.Haxray and @Ravelord are quite fine with this. But i hope you can understand. Im just not happy anymore.

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take as long as you need for a break, mental health is important

see you whenever you decide to get back on
hopefully this won't affect your suggestions

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