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Purge Events!

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Ofc you cant forget Trivia nights! 

      -Have a host
      - Admins and hosts brainstorm questions together 

      - Day of: The host will ask the questions in /advert. And the first to /pm the host with the correct answer gets a point

      - Most points by the end are the winner! 



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Attack on Titan(tm) 

     - Admin (or player) increases their health and size 

     - Participants try and kill the giant. Players can kill each other if the event takes place during purge. 

     - Giant can punch or be given a crowbar  

     - Whoever delivers the final blow wins. 

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Car Derby ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (LMS)

- Any Car that would be good for crashing into each other

-Big Area so they have a large distance to hit each other

- Last car standing wins

- any amount chosen by admins

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8 minutes ago, Le Quack said:

Knife only gamemode


Like a Deathmatch?

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Why have talent shows when I will always win? ;D


Edit: Something cool would be like boxing deathmatc due to the boxing job recieveing little love

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You could ask media team to make you guys a template for achievement award. Like how some of us that did a l4d2 event, we receive an achievement for participation (as you can see on every post of ours).

Maybe have that to get people to join for an achievement on the forums. Let's say if you want a competitive and to get more players in, you either make it where they can get it by top winners or for participation wise. 


This is just an idea toward the event participation. As for more into what type of idea...

  • Zombie Attacks
    • I remember back in 2014, we use to make one of the warehouses blocked with zombies and it increases depending on the amount of rounds they go through. It was laggy but fun.
  • Knife Only or Fisting Only 
    • It's like that 1v1 server on csgo. Or basically the sniper round. You can make it 1v1 or 5v5 or however many squad members you want it to be.
  • Simon Says
    • You could get an admin or someone to broadcast either simon says or not. You could probably make it hosted in a building so that way you can determine who did it or who didnt.
  • Hunt/Bounty/Chase
    • This is more a PVE, however one person has to be the bait or the person who will be hunted down. This person has to survive till the time runs out. They cannot be hiding, must be out in the open. They can defend themselves if needed. Once the specific players dies, they cannot go back. So basically they can't break NLR. They'll have to stay in spawn.
  • Team Versus
    • Similar to the deathmatch, this is more of a team war. If some of you recall the last war when we had bloodz/crips vs government officials. This is similar in this case. Up to your chosen role, but you can also restrict certain jobs from participating. Like GD and BMD, they cannot go to them for supplies. It's all about luck and talent.
  • Snowball fights
    • I remember on the old purge there was that snowball throwing thing. You could do this i guess. Whoever is hit, is out.
  • Scavenger Hunt
    • Similar idea to hide and seek, but instead this is more of an item/blob being hidden by an admin. You have to find it and announce that you found it. Then the admin can spectate you to see if you actually did found the specific item/blob and announce you as winner.
  • Concert
    • I have no idea, just make it where they can enjoy someone's talent. This is basically a conversion of everything listed already 😆
  • Prank Party
    • You or the group of people must be able to prank someone into believing it without them noticing or asking someone else details of it. You have to make it believable.


That's all I got.

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On 3/5/2019 at 4:49 PM, CrusherFTW said:

um its four

Bruh I'm talking about you,Faex and Wailord 

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