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TDDC der mono

The Great Hobo War

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It was a quiet night on February 19th. Myself and my friends had set up a massive beach fortress that could repel any attack. During the purge, we would sit atop it's massive bulletproof walls and obliterate anyone that crossed into our part of town. However, after a few of these purges, some players had enough and formed a coalition to combat our frequent massacres. A small force of various hobos and other roles united under the command of Velo.


At first, a massive, Berlin-wall esque wall was built to contain our might. It spanned the entire beach.



An agreement was eventually reached that brought down the wall. In return, we would allow people to swim in our waters.


However, this was just the beginning. 




The various members of the opposition began to create a base in our waters, much to our dismay. 






To combat this new threat that had grown on our own soil, we decided to raise the height of the wall significantly. 

However,  before the purge started, the members literally picked up the base with their physgun and moved it away, out of our sight.

We couldn't believe it! Although we had raided the base before to slow its growth, no significant fighting had taken place. Was it really over?




Mere minutes before the purge started, to our shock, submarines were lowered into our waters. 

Then, the entire base that we thought was gone was moved back. The purge started. Total hellfire broke out.


We manned positions on top of the wall, spraying at the walls of the hobo base (sorry, no pictures for this part of the story!) that had just moved in with RPK's and M82's. Slowly but surely, we killed each member of the hobo coalition. Scattered weapons and small ammo caches laid all over the beach and floated in the water. It looked like something right out of D-Day.

We were also being pummelled by M82 fire from Gary's base, which was right across from ours.


However, in the end, we were victorious. We had defeated the hobo army and held our ground. 

The next day, mega bases were made illegal. 



Some pictures of the base if anyone is interested: (named Helm's Deep by Quint)










Thanks for reading my little story!

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