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Scp 1111

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I'll fix this up for you


Scp-1111: The White Dog



Scp 1111 is composed of 2 components, scp-1111-1 resembles a canius familiarus (known as the common dog) seemingly of a German shepard/golden lab breed. The size of the dog varies inversely as distance increases from scp-1111-2. The dogs coat is a bright white with red eyes which both glow as distance increases from scp-1111-2. Additionally, SCP-1111-1's speed, strength, and agility all seem to be inversely proportional to its distance from SCP-1111-2.


Scp-1111-2 resembles a man in a business suit hanging from a noose on a tree. The subject frequently jerks around and gasps for air can be heard. These traits lessen the further away scp-1111-1 is from it.


In game


Scp1111 would at first start off slow with moderate damage, but as the game goes on it slowly gains speed and increases in lethality. It's special allows it to enrage gaining temporary health, a large speed increase, and a lunge attack allowing it to charge into an area. 




Hp: 1200

Speed: starts at walking and increases by 10% every min until full speed sprint

Damage: starts at 20 and goes to 50 at a rate of 5 damage per min added 

Special: Enrage

Duration: 5 seconds

Cooldown: 60 seconds

Damage goes up to 70 and speed goes up to a full super sprint (like scp-682 when using special) 

Gains the ability to lunge a short distance when attacking.


In conclusion


I claim no credit for this as I'm just making his idea look more neat and applicable for the game.

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