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A weekly podcast. Each week, there should be a 5 to 10 minute podcast to summarize the previous week. This to further improve GFL's communication to all of its members. The podcaster(s) should be member of GFL staff and have voice that does not annoy people. Each week there can be a special guest that can tell us their experience within GFL and/or a staff member shedding light on a project being worked upon behind the curtains. Members can also submit questions or topics to the podcaster(s) that they can further elaborate on and discuss. The podcast should be easily accessed on all platsforms and sent out to all of GFL's members.

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If I'm not wrong, I think this was already implemented but more like it was toward YouTube or the interview team or whatever team it was when PR handle social media last year. But... If you're saying as a whole or in general, I don't think it's necessary


If you are directing this to staff only, read spoiler. There was this comment since in your thread mentioned that it should be only staff. But then you later said everyone, so it's confusing as to who you're directing to.

and I don't think having a voice from a staff over a member of our community is more important. Sure they're our staff but the players of this community is way more important and can give a voice or text. I understand podcast is voice only but it shouldn't just be handle or voiced by a staff only. If you want communication then it has to be anyone, whether their voice is annoying or not. Just because someone sound like a "haven't dropped my balls yet" voice doesn't mean shit. You can always make them keep on topic or make it funny. Not too serious, ya know?



I do know that there was supposed to be a podcast about Overwatch division which is lead by Darkling and Shuruia. I remember asking them to let us talk to them. Whether or not if they ever did it is something I'm unsure of 

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This is an interesting idea. If regular meetings get implemented on a larger scale (I know some regular meetings have popped up in GFL recently; bless you guys for doing it <3), this would be a nice way of doing a recap of what has happened for GFL as a whole.


However, I believe we should prioritize getting regular meetings up and running first. Then we can "easily" make a recap in some alternative media format such as a podcast.


EDIT: I would not make it a weekly podcast since I would like each podcast to match a community meeting (big nay to weekly community meetings :P ).

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