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Epic From Epic Games

The Way to Revive the Minecraft Server

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First off let me say I am not a minecraft professional. I play minecraft for fun and fun only.


Ok lets get started.....where to start?
Oh yes, the way to revive the server.


1. Get rid of Skyblock and Survival. They are some of the most common shit on servers and barely anybody finds them fun.

2. Add this "DayZ" in minecraft type of thing. You might of never heard of it but it is great. There was this old server called YomNetwork. They used to host the server until it shutdown, but luckily they are selling the files to the server (The DayZ Server to be specific).

Lets me show you what this "DayZ" server type was like. When you would load into the server you would load into the lobby like most server. After that you would type /spawn to spawn into the world with nothing or a kit (That you don't select). You would spawn on a random part of this huge map which was the island. https://yomnetwork.ca/dayz-map/ <----- The map. You would mostly spawn towards the middle of the map or in a city which made it hard to get to the "Dungeons" (I will speak about this later)

You would loot up from the cities and then start your adventure to either the military bases or the "Dungeons" or just explore. 

The Dungeons - The Dungeons were the main way to get really good loot. You would always be in danger there as well. Some of these places would require a really hard parkour to get over or just your friends. They would have special enemy types as well as bosses. Not every area would contain a boss but most did. If I remember correctly they Frozen Hourglass was parkour as well as a boss. There would be ice parkour to the top of the tower while a "boss" would lurk below you waiting till you fell off to murder you (The boss was a wither skeleton). In one of the Dungeons was the final boss. The Wither..... (https://youtu.be/wd4d_oILpqoIt required a lot of bullets to defeat him. 

I don't think we should copy this. I think we should make something like this. We could hire builders to make the map too. All this would create a lot of work by the manager and anybody who helps him, but I believe that it would be worth it.

Thank you and gn.


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Thanks you for the suggestion @Epic From Epic Games! I partially agree with the 1st point. Survival and SkyBlock aren’t exactly the most popular gamemodes. We are looking into making the best changes for both servers that we can. I can’t exactly say what is happening under the hood but there are going to be big changes soon. Once the staff structure is more stable expect another response from the new manager! 

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