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Bounty Round

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A round where Items are limited by the player's rank like for a gfl member they'd have a playermodel or 5000 points as a bounty on them, and then anyone were to tag the bounty they'd get whatever the bounty was that they had.

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This is something I used to do when I was Trial Admin.

Good thing for admins to do when they wanna give out points, but it is a bit finicky when it comes done to making sure it goes smoothly.

+1, for the points variation--as a !vote command, the reiterations below are just ideas with notable flaws.


Possible re-itteration;

- Higher score, higher bounty. Like a multiplier.

- Higher score, higher likelihood of said bounty.


The above two could have a small chance to be automatically done at round 5, or initiated via a vote from T-Admin+



Encourages participation

Engages players

Provides incentive

Generally fun



High possibility of constant try-harding by experienced players, making the game not fun and therefore potentially undesirable by regular players.


Similar to the above, the problem of people just not playing the game properly, as a hider or a seeker-just calling out where the bounty is, or ignoring all hiders and targeting the bounty. Which is no fun.



Overall: good idea for a Special Round vote.

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