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Hello GFL Community, 


My name is Taipan but my real name is Luke and its your choice on what you want to call me.

I mainly play on the GFL servers for Zombie Escape as it is my favorite game mode. 

I am currently 17 but will be turning 18 in May this year.

I use to play on the CSS Zombie Escape servers but the servers have really died down so I have been playing alot of CSGO Zombie Escape.

Favourite ZE map: I don't really have a favorite ze map but the ones I do like are 1. Mako Reactor 2. Paper Escaper 3. Predator , etc. I prefer classic ZE maps of the newer made ones.

Favorite Food: Sausages and Mash potatoes 


Yeah so,  that's pretty much a brief about me if you want someone to play with feel free to PM me or even add me on steam as I would appreciate the social connection between me and this community ;)

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Wassup Luke.

Welcome to the forums.

48 minutes ago, Taipan said:

Favorite Food: Sausages and Mash potatoes 

good choice.


let me know if ya got questions or anything lol

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