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GFL Gmod HnS Secrets And Where to Find Them

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Hey everyone, I'm here to show you the secrets of the maps that are available on Hide And Seek here on GFL. I will be updating this regularly. Some of this maybe common knowledge already, but new players may not know. Of course I will be separating the secrets to per map, in spoilers as some have pictures that take up most of the page.









-Bob-omb Battlefield







There are secrets here. You can find 16 presents scattered throughout the map, collecting them all unlocks a secret area. You can collect them in any order.







  • 1 This little present is hiding behind a tire next to the Blu side launcher ramps. TBtHf3L.png








  • 2 This guy is right next to the RED Bomb Factory. gTnOFnE.png


  • 3 This one is right on the Finish Line, right next to RED base. kLPZeCJ.png


  • 4 This one's hiding behind the RED Cannon. psO1aNT.png


  • 5 This clever bugger is hiding right on the loudspeakers there. May require advanced parkour, or great teamwork.72ZotO3.png


  • 6 Next to RED base by frog. 4uE9UX3.png


  • 7 Down from the Blu Cannon. 7PKoysV.png


  • 8 This little sucker is always hitching a ride on the blimp. tR6hyVw.png


  • 9 This boi thinks he's clever hiding in the center  of the arena. Qahsy26.png


  • 10 This clever bugger is hiding somewhere, this picture serves  as your clue. ZC3nrB4.png


  • 11 This guy can hit a car easily from the Blu bomber. fkBAxPH.png


  • 12 This clever DJ may require parkour classes. IJzLBaC.png


  • 13 This guy is easy to find on the arena roof, near Blu spawn. OSa27cF.png


  • 14 Heads up, you're gonna need a friend to catch this hiding present. oXgMdiL.png


  • 15 Can someone spare some change for this homeless present? AQgdHii.png


  • 16 This present requires you to be a star in aerial acrobatics.NGHsIUI.png
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Just now, Stormy178 said:

Yeah, I mostly like to explore some maps to find hiding spots in sandbox mode, but these are just interesting.

I dare you explore all the TTT maps 🌚

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4 minutes ago, herbert_0928 said:

I dare you explore all the TTT maps 🌚

All TTT maps on the server? I can only see some with actual potential. Do take note, only some TTT maps are in the server.

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