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nblockbuster's New Suggestion

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Name:  Coast Manor

Type:  Map

Link(s):  https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=330698179






Large map area (better for when more people are on)
Many hiding spots
Underground lair
No ways to get out of map (I checked in hammer)

Troll buttons that drop people into a kill block (I'll remove if necessary)
SeaNanners plays this map for ~2 minutes in one of his earlier H&S videos.


(Map has changed quite a bit since he played it)

Side note: i plan to put back the "Neck twisters! Yesss" decal in the basement area (first few seconds of video)


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I played this on a different server, so far my thoughts, it's good, although creepy imho.


Looks pretty good though.


Indeed there's many spots from my experience playing the map, there's also many secrets to uncover as well.(like TTT rooftops)



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