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[Announcement] Monthly Game Giveaway

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Hello! We've decided that we're going to try to give games away every month as a way to give back to the community. I cannot promise that we will run a giveaway each month, but I will certainly try to. With that being said, we're going to start by giving away a copy of Don't Starve Together this month.


To enter, reply to this thread. Members get 1 entry and Donators/VIPs get 2 entries (It does not matter when you purchased supporter/vip, as long as you are a current donator when I go and compile the list of entries).




 - Must not already own the game

 - Must be member to enter.

 - Don't comment if not entering


The winner will be chosen on April 27th.


If you have a suggestion for next month, let me know!



PS Roy was extremely drunk when he approved this, so I will need to cancel this if he changes his mind when he sobers up.


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You didn't use comic sans. Entering for the giveaway.


Xy: idk what you talking about

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