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Regarding Purge

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What are the admins and managers doing about Purge?


Regarding what is going on with Purge is a bit "unorganized" on my behalf. Currently I have a list of things I am doing to hopefully suit people.

Before you downers comment on, "You guys have not looked at suggestions".

My reply would be I have sat at my computer for hours on end going through what people want and wanted in the past.

So before you guys start criticizing, start taking into hand how many things need to actually be done when there are only a few people available to help.

Yes there may be a lack of communication from managers to the public and that is on us.

BUT instead of suggesting "add more fun jobs" "add more money makers" be specific and reasonable.

I have seen two (reasonable) jobs suggested, a "permanent" item suggestion and a few more.

I've went on different servers to see what they have, some players and other admins have done the same.

A lot of admins for Purge are helping out to make this process quicker.

A few others from different gamemodes have helped out too.

Purge is not going down without a fight.


Currently what I am trying to implement/may be implemented

  • New Map Edits
  • More Jobs
  • Fix FPP Fallback
  • Fix custom titles
  • Add more "fun things"
  • Fix a few more addons
  • Buffing LSD
  • MOTD changes
  • Wiremod perms
  • More cars
  • Player Models
  • Go through more add-ons
  • Having a less strict server overall



How can I help? Or what will make Purge comeback?


  • Be more specific in suggesting (This may not apply to you but it may apply to others)
  • Spread the word (Purge may not be at the place where I want it but it will be)
  • If you have any thoughts about populating Purge come to us or post it in the forums (Which is already being done)


Comment that I want to add.


This is not at everyone but at a few people. (Don't feel attacked)

Some of you guys complain instead of giving constructive criticism. Complaining will get you nowhere, give us feedback instead.

When something is implemented on the server and there needs to be a restart people complain. (Keep in mind there is 4 people online)

IF you guys want to see change be patient because there is a decent amount that needs to be fixed and changed.

Also I understand things were running slow when beta was released and it still is.

(I was where a lot of you guys are now, frustrated. God I almost left GFL again because Purge was the only thing keeping me here.)

Things will change, but it may take sometime. I have a whole week off where hopefully I can implement most of the things I want implemented onto the server.

Finally, your suggestions are being read and thought about. Myself, @DaPainWayne , @Madaraa , and @Dreamm have all looked over and talked about them.

Just bare with us a little bit longer and hopefully all will go well.


I truly do appreciate all of the people who have helped, put in time, and who have not given up yet.


Thank you for reading. -Dalaw



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I used the wrong there. (I'm stupid)
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Quality post, DaLaw. I’m happy to see that there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully these implementations you mentioned go smoothly. (That FPP one... yikes 😬) Nevertheless, I’m glad you guys are continuing the development. Purge used to be an amazing server; something I would grind until I passed out. (A little complaining, sorry) I feel like the re-release just didn’t bring on the new things that players are interested in. A new map, every server has a different map, Bitcoin and meth, also on many servers. We need to start making our server unique from others. 


Anyways, apologies for the short rant. I’m happy that you guys have a long to-do-list; you should. I hope things go well and the population gets back up to where it should be, 40+. Best of luck guys!


Thanks, Skittlez.

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@DaLaw Make all changes to the new server:




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🎵Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you🎵



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