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Splatoon PlayerModel

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Name:  Splatoon Inkling PM Suggestion

Type:  Playermodel

Link(s):  https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=479265317

Rank(s):  Member/Supporter-VIP

Cost:  10000




Just wanting fresh new playermodel on the server compared to all the other playermodels out there.


The above listed price is the members only price, I would suggest having the Supporters/VIP listed at around 1500 points.


Just an optional note, it may need to have increased jump power set on the model itself(through pointshop), to match the base jump height of the regular models that new players have, (which may take a bit of trial and error to get it right). Do with that info as you may.


And that's all the time I have, until then...

Stay Fresh!




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2 hours ago, Jesus said:

Holy shit, didnt know i would see you here, good idea tho

Yeah, where have you been? Yeah, you'll mainly see me on HnS here. After hearing that heavenly Melody that is Calamari Inkantation, I've been a squid kid since, lol.


1 hour ago, nblockbuster said:

+1  sure looks cool and zex wouldnt have to color it

Yeah, I originally posted this on the discord, but forgot to mention that it's already colorable (and customizable in terms of skin and eye colors.)

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Looks pretty neat! Would like to see some new member playermodels so I would want this as a member one but that's just me +1

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