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GRU Division "P"

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 Overview: Originally known as the ЧД АКН ("ChD AKN", or Fourth Department Abnormal Occurrences Commission), it was established in early 1935 by direct decree of J. V. Stalin, its first task being the investigation of the murder of S. M. Kirov. During WWII, the Commission expanded into the newly reorganized GRU as Division "P" - Psychotronics, working to counteract anomalous threats from the SS, Ahnenerbe, and the Vatican, and to capture and study anomalous artifacts both at home and abroad for the benefit of the Soviet government. Division "P" has carried on with this role throughout the Cold War, making Foundation operations in the countries of the Comintern difficult. 

ok in the game they spawn at gate A they spawn with 130 hp and guns like AK shotguns snipers also knife and grenade pistol 

the foundation be hostile MTFS and guards Researchers  

scps and serpent's Hand are hostile

d class neutral

CI neutral    


model https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1166718588&searchtext=army




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I forgot to add this


YOU ARE A GRU Division "P"  Soldier you must kill all foundation staff  like MTFs guards  Researchers  and scps  and serpent's Hand you can help to  d class and CI or kill them

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1 hour ago, Helium said:

So basically everybody is your enemy.


Sounds good.

Ok can you stop this shit already, no one wants to see dead ass suggestions and it doesn't make it better that your treating people like fucking garbage.

Jesus Christ it's just becoming annoying at this point. And don't forgot the time you fucking made everyone pissed at you for making a topic just to say that the server is garbage with awful reasoning too AFTER people asked for reasons why you think the server is bad, if you want to say the server bad without any reasoning why in the first place it makes you look like a fucking idiot.

Are you seriously here just to reply on dead suggestions which make the new suggestions get less and less noticeable, I'm actually looking forward to read new stuff and here you are putting suggestions that were months old onto the top of the suggestions forum. I don't want to fucking read the same god damn thing twice. To me, you have no fucking good things about you. I hope you understand how fucking annoying you are.  

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