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New Moderation application

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What is your TeamSpeak username and Discord ID? Harakoni#3459


Which platforms are you applying for?


All GFL Official Discords


How would you describe your activity there?


I'm pretty active within Official, being listed as number 4 in message score. I constantly check the Gmod discord, but due to their being nothing really there, i don't exactly talk.

Why are you interested in becoming a Moderator?


I want to become a moderator, again, for the third time (woohoo), to make sure the official discord is brought back to its former use and glory - i've suggested several times ways to improve goings-on and chatting within the discord, such as tightening moderation, rule additions/challenges, and moderator etiquette. So far i've seen some of it happen, which i am happy with at least, i can somewhat enjoy the discord again - and i hope others do too. I'm there everyday, talking or ghosting, and i haven't gotten any chat muted and actively browse each and every one whenever a new message appears. Yikes that's sad to read.
I was also told to explain myself around my previous resignation, if it could be called one, and it boils down unsurprisingly to what i've suggested and talked about above. A month ago, basic needs weren't being up-kept within the moderation team- and no i'm not pointing names just saying what happened. Moderators had little to no authority in trying to discipline chat members, and official was slowly turning into a 4 person chatroom. I gave up, effectively - nothing was being done and with what little to no sway i had i couldn't do anything as is, i was useless. So i quit, and half heatedly hoped it would change. Don't know why because me leaving didn't even do anything lol, i wasn't feeling personally good about myself at the time as well, so that did come into sway in my brash and pretty foolhardy decision. Then the chat degraded even more and i'm sure everyone knows the story of what happened afterwards.
Additionally I'm knowledgeable on the rules, and to a few moderators annoyances have corrected or added input into decisions and punishments that were done incorrectly/didn't specify enough. I'd make it part of my duty to ensure every punishment is double checked, not due to lack of faith in other moderators, but to ensure they get things right and done well.
Also, recently, there's been a lack of moderators - which was meant to be resolved by the addition of new mods... but... they haven't exactly done too much and aren't as active as i would hope - sorry lol >:) So i believe i could fill the missing gaps. To add, i'm pretty much done with school, so now i have a relatively long 5 month free period to do whatever i want, so i'll be free a LOT.
I've said this in every app, but people ignore it sometimes, so here's a list of previous experiences:
- Was moderator previously for 7 months, as well as being deemed worthy in some way of being a Mod TL for a little less than a month.
-I've worked in a server with 1,000 more people than the GFL Official discord in early 2018, and was one of the "head moderators" there for 5 months.
-As well as the larger server, i've been a frequent moderator of smaller scale servers numbering from 100-500 people.
-I've been a relatively long standing Senior Admin on our servers, for about 10 months since mid 2018 + an extra 4 month chunk of "Normal" Admin from late 2017 to early 2018.
-I can get along with everyone, which some people may doubt, but when conflict arises it's never taken personally or held as a grudge. I go day by day, i don't really care what x person said beforehand - unless of course it's a big issue or causing a large problem.

I've been with the discord for almost a year and a half now, i'd rather not see it wasted any longer.


How would you typically go about handling a conflict between two users?


Verbal warning first, as always, before following whatever rule it may fall under - such as "spam" due to a repetitive nature, or private matters if it's solely between two members and doesn't involve the discord. Once that's done, i'd proceed to gather as much info as they are willing to tell me and attempt to mediate in some way.


Have you ever been warned or muted? If so, explain what happened.


Once in the very beginning of 2018, a dispute with another user who's now long gone anyway.



Moderators, please +1 or -1 this application with an explanation for your vote.

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I’ve voiced my opinion about Harakoni in many different mod chats. If you still want a reasoning it will have to wait because I’m rather busy right now 😉


Good luck, Harakoni!

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