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Moderation Audit

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This is just a cleanup/checkup of the moderation teams on the various platforms and documentation for all of it. This thread is for the mod leader only, kinda like a staff team or server admin list. please do not reply, all responses will be hidden.


5/12/19 (12/5/19 for you european types)


Team Speak 3

  • no action needed currently (this will hopefully change)



  • removed people from mod that just had it in one discord that didn't need it
    • old accounts that people have lost access too
    • server managers that had overlapping perms that didn't need the discord mod role
  • Currently working on making sure role permissions are standardized (you can say they are already synced all you want, i'm still gonna check just to make sure)



  • Currently checking roles to verify people have what they should have that fall under my jurisdiction (i'm still gonna check, don't tell me everything is already done)
  • Currently verifying the integrity of currently active warnings and recent inactive warnings on the forums and taking action if necessary which could include any of the following
    • Removing warning points that were incorrectly issued
    • Going over warnings with the moderators that issued them if there are issues
    • upgrading punishments if mods were too lenient or missed something


Applications (haven't happened yet but will be happening soon)

  • going over currently active apps again
  • closing inactive applications
  • discussing in dms or publicly on the applications my questions, comments, or concerns with applicants. (my dms are always open and if you're looking to apply for mod, please dm me first)



This is the first mod audit, there will be more in the future as i work out everything that should be included and streamline the process.

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