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Remember  When 035 used to team with D Bois AND SCPs? I Wanna See If I Can Make A Little Replacement Of It, SCP-217 (The Clockwork Virus) SCP-217 is a D Boi, or D Class Who Got Infected By The Clockwork Virus, And Is Now A Kinda Cyborg D Boi!


PlayerModel https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/?id=120687001&searchtext=cyborg+PM


Spawnpoint: Random D Class Cell


SCPs can not team with the d bois apparently according to people even though no admin has warned me for it, and ive heard a admin said it was allowed back then


Health: 200 (least health as possible) 250 (most health as possible)


Hostile To: MTF 


Neutral To: Researchers, AND CI just to add something different


Items To Spawn With: Crowbar, Medkit, Level 3 Keycard, And Needs To Find Guns On There Own. Fists That Do 35 Damage Per Shot (since his arm is made out of metal) And Is Able To Drop Items.



oh ok then: (plus its me indo)


wait what: if u cant find the playermodel just search up a cyborg playermodel and just use whatever cyborg playermodel u want.

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Not super interesting

58 minutes ago, Mari said:

SCPs Can Team With D Bois If SCP-217 Tells Them To (even though they will probably kill them)

Doesn't that go against the rules? Even if not specifically, it encourages rule bending/breaking

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One of the reasons why 035 was moved the D-Class team is because an SCP could potentially team with the Class-D. And whenever that happens an admin would have to tell the SCP (that's not SCP-035) to kill the Class-D.

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