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My ZE Map Releases

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Hi, this thread will serve as a list of CS:GO ZE maps that I've fixed/ported, I'll also post updates/new releases in this thread as they come out.


Note that the maps listed here are not originally created by me, all credits go to the original mappers. I don't put my name in any of these.



ze_Pidaras_va2 (stripper)






ze_evil_mansion_va1 (obsolete due to this)






ze_rizomata_b45 (stripper)

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- Reduced map size even more
- Moved the hold message to the top of the screen so it's out of the way
- Made the hold message dynamic, it now counts down the remaining time instead of staying static
- Removed a lot of unnecessary entities left over from stuff that never got fully implemented by the mapper
- Fixed bad cubemap reflections on some faces
- Fixed a bad lighting spot
- Slightly increased ambient lighting to make the dark areas play better
- Fixed up some model paths to avoid checksum errors
- Added a minimap
- Fixed brushwork in the first elevators area
- Fixed bad teleport positioning by the ladders
- Fixed bad positioning on a light model
- Added a button press sound to the crate explosion button


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