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Survival Changelog!

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Below will be an update for you all to keep up with what changes we make to the server!

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This is a big one boys, here we go. These notes are written in YML format, just cause I like writing in YML. These can also be found in the YML file in the #survival-updates section of the discord.

Survival 2.01 Patch Notes

  The Currently installed plugins are as follows:
    - AntiCombatLogging
    - AuctionGUIPlus
    - BlocksHub
    - Citizens-2
    - CitizensCMD
    - DummyFAWE
    - EssentialsX
    - EssentialsXChat
    - EssentialsXSpawn
    - Grief Prevention
    - Holograms
    - LagAssist
    - LiteBans
    - LuckPerms
    - mcMMO
    - OfflineTeleport
    - PlaceholderAPI
    - PlayerControl
    - QuickShop Remake
    - RandomTeleport
    - TempFly
    - UserManagment
    - Vault
    - WorldEdit


      Added this update:
        - EZBroadcast

        Updated this update:
          - mcMMO
          - Vault

      Removed this update:
        - Lands


  Changes to Permissions:
      - added litebans.group.Admin
      - added group.TrialAdmin
      - added prefix.6.&5[Admin]&r
      - added litebans.group.TrialAdmin
      - added essentials.fly.*
      - added prefix.4.&5[Trial Admin]&r

      - added essentials.sethome.multiple.8
      - added essentials.nick.color
      - added group.supporter
      - added essentials.command.hat
      - added essentials.enderchest
      - added essentials.nick
      - added essentails.sethome.multiple.6
      - added group.member
      - added prefix.3.&5[Supporter]&r
      - added essentials.sethome.multiple.4
      - added group.default
      - added prefix.2.&9&r
    New User:
      - added essentials.back
      - added essentials.sethome.bed
      - added randomteleport.teleport
      - added auctionhouse.sell #broken
      - added bungeecord.command.list
      - added bungeecord.command.server
      - added discordsrv.Chat
      - added discordsrv.player
      - added essentials.afk
      - added essentials.afk.message
      - added essentials.balance
      - added essentials.balance.others
      - added essentials.balancetop
      - added essentials.Chat
      - added essentials.delhome
      - added essentials.help
      - added essentials.home
      - added essentials.motd
      - added essentials.pay
      - added essentials.sethome
      - added essentails.rules
      - added essentials.sethome.multiple.2
      - added essentials.sethome.multiple
      - added essentials.spawn
      - added essentials.tpa
      - added essentials.tpaccept
      - added essentials.tpahere
      - prefix.1.&5[New User]&r


  Changes to Configs:
          auto-afk-kick: -1
          freeze-afk-players: true
          disable-item-pickup-while-afk: true
          custom-join-message: "&5Welcome to the GFLClan Survival server {USERNAME}!"
          custom-quit-message: "&2{USERNAME} has left the server!"
          announce-format: '&dWelcome {DISPLAYNAME}&d to the server!'
          spawnpoint: none
          respawn-listener-priority: none
          spawn-join-listener-priority: none
          spawn-on-join: false
          driver: MySQL
          address: Confidential
          database: Confidential
          username: Confidential
          password: Confidential
          table_prefix: Confidential
        require_ban_mute_reason: true
            from: vanilla
        prefix: '&f[&6GFLClan Survival&f]'
        interval: 90
          - '&5Connect your minecraft account to your GFLClan forums profile to recieve your rank perks! https://gflclan.com/settings/minecraft/'
          - '&5Apply for member here! https://gflclan.com/memberapplication/'

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Survival Update 2.1

Current Plugins in use:

    - ajAntiXray
    - Advanced Mob Arena
    - AuctionGUIPlus
    - BlocksHub
    - Citizens-2
    - CitizensCMD
    - Core Protect
    - DiscordSRV
    - EssentialsX
    - EssentialsXChat
    - EssentialsXSpawn
    - ExploitFixer
    - EZBroadcast
    - Grief Prevention
    - Holograms
    - InsaneShops
    - JupiterCore
    - LagAssist
    - LiteBans
    - LuckPerms
    - mcMMO
    - MineableSpawners
    - MOTD
    - OfflineTeleport
    - PerWorldInventories
    - PlaceholderAPI
    - PlayerControl
    - ProtocolLib
    - QuickShop Remake
    - Reworld
    - RestrictiveCreative
    - TAB
    - TempFly
    - UltimateKits
    - UltraCustomizer
    - UserManagment
    - Vault
    - WorldEdit
    - WorldGuard

        There are many missing changes between the last update and this one. We will be skipping those changes and will
        be logging every change from here on out.
    Spartan - Adjusted to be less agressive and only flags players for now without kicking.
            #As the AI gets more false positives it will analyze those and reduce the amount of false positives. Things like
            #Elitra's will cause false positives until the plguin puts together that it happens across multiple players
            #when one is being worn in each flag.

    Advanced Mob Arena - Currently disabled from use for players.
            #The plugin in it's current state seems to cause more issues rather than offering more fun for players,
            #until this is fixed by the developer the Mob Arena's will not be in use

    UltimateKits - Creation of the kits has been pushed back to prioritize the creation of the server shop.
            #Shop will be addressed later in this report

    InsaneShops - The server shop has been closed originally due to repricing, now delayed due to a new shop being built.
            #Bonk is in the process of building the new shop area, once it is complete Ari will be assisting me in setting
            #up all of the chest shops. This plugin may be switched for one that may be more appealing for the use case.

    Minecraft - gamerule mobGriefing has been set to true.
            #This is a result of the gamerule being set to false restricting villagers from breeding. Creepers will not
            #damage the world upon explosion.

    Advanced Mob Arena - Once the plugin is updated we plan to reopen MA if the plugin is stable.

    Spartan - I plan to allow Spartan to keep training and eventually will attempt to set it back to a more agressive
            punishment mode, once the false positives subside.

    UltimateKits - Buyable kits are planned for the near future as we impliment buycraft. We will also have purchasable
            items to give players who are willing to pay the extra edge. All items and kits WILL be obtainable with
            ingame currency or grinding out the materials necessary.

    TempFly - We are considering allowing Supporter, and VIP to use TempFly to allow flight for a set amount of time each

    LuckPerms - We are also considering custom ranks, apart from GFL's official ranks. Do not worry if you are VIP or Supporter,
            you will be assigned the rank at the cost equilivent of the your GFL donor role at the time.



Edited by Remuchu

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Survival Update 2.8.14




    - Spartan: Removed for now, monitoring the server behavior to see if the plugin was too taxing.

    - GriefPreventionFlags: Added
        #This plugin will allow players to set flags on their claims. Not player accessable yet.
        #Things such as not allowing untrusted players in your claim. Enabling pvp in claims, ect...

    - QuickShopRemake: Removed
        #Being configured.

    - QuantumShop: Added
        #Being configured.

    - Citizens 2: Added
        #Not yet in use.

    - AuctionHouse: Added
        #Being configured.



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