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Ban Appeal

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so i was a detective and a guy named grenny i think and a few other people were inside the T tester and my wifi has been acting up tonight and i was lagging all over the place and i thought grenny shot me with a shotgun because someone shot me with a shotgun and grenny was aiming at me with a shotgun so i thought that he shot me and so i killed him with a P90 and he wasnt able to say anything before i killed him and then people told me i shot the wrong guy and the real guy went into the bottom part of the T tester and i realised he was innocent and i felt bad and then he reported me and so i gave him my response and then he kept with the report which i can respect it was my fault and then my crappy wifi started acting up again and so i thought well ill just rejoin see if i can fix it and in that time i had gotten banned

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