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City Ruins Map

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Name:  Cityruins map

Type:  Map



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This is quite an old map, but a very good one. After playtesting recently and having it installed and a goto for about 3 odd years, i can thoroughly say this is a good map for HnS.
It's about the size of rp_bangclaw, with less/about the same interiors if not slightly more. The map hosts not only parkpour, but runaround and hiding spots to boot, and has it's own similar underground system, which also does not loop. (however, the underside is entirely dark, needing flashlight / nightvision)
I'd recommend it for a server pop of 15+ at least, any less and it's basically an easy hider win map.
Attached screenshots of certain areas:
Plaza area with 4 enterable buildings (only one has a door):
Main street which is at the start of the map:
The underground metro station tunnel, which leads to a "central station" dead end: (It's lit up because it's darker than Zexired's pfp)

As far as i know, it may need HL2 ep1 and/or HL2 ep2, but i'm not sure as i played this map fine before i had them mounted.


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This map is a BIG fuck you for seekers. I thinks twice or even trippled the size of Bangclaw with many hindingspots and a ass full of sneaky spots. Good map if you just want to walk around for the full round and not see any person! BUT even if I gonna hate myself for that everytime I'm gonna be the seeker i want to play this map and find some cheapass and also skill spots. 

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map wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too big to be on hns and there is no restrictions on where you can go the map is too broke for its own good


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