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Any PS4 Owners?

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Hi! I've bought PS4 Pro yesterday, and it is arriving tomorrow, which comes with 3 games as a bundle: Uncharted collection, The Last of Us, and Marvel's Spider-Man. I am planning to buy one more game at $60 (probably RDR2).


So with that said, in August, I'm planning to buy a couple of games - Madden and probably one random multiplayer games. 

I suppose, to find out what games y'all have for multiplayer, I would like to try to play together as much as possible. Questions for y'all:

  • What games do you currently have?
  • Do you have PlayStation Plus?
    • Additionally: What game do you recommend me to get in order to play multiplayer?


I will figure things out as soon as I get PS4 Pro. I will probably purchase online subscriptions for this month and then get yearly subscription.


P.S.: I am deaf, so if you intend to play PS4 online with me, keep that in mind.

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I want one but I'm not as good as I used to be so I rather stick to PC but I do hope RDR2 releases on PC. 

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Some single player suggestions:


Persona 5: If you like long rpgs with good gameplay and story. (There is a complete addition coming though which adds more stuff so wait for that)

Sekiro: If you like dark souls but wanted a samurai version of it.

Devil May Cry: If you like to beat up enemies with style.

MLB The Show: If you enjoy baseball and want to play a decent baseball game.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Pretty good gameplay and story.

God of War: Nice story and game play.

Monster Hunter World: If you like to hunt down monsters. (has online multiplayer and a new expansion is coming to the ps4 in September)

The Witcher 3: Older game but pretty good nonetheless .

Bloodborne: Dark souls but with vampires .

Nier Automata: Platinum games signature combat and with a pretty deep story. (need to play through it several times to actually get to the good parts)

Hollow Knight: Indie game like dark souls but you're a bug.

Yauka series: You're a yazuka and you beat the shit out of people.

Zero escape series: You like interesting mysteries and solvable puzzles? This game has you covered.

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Go for the single player exclusives. That's where PS4 shines.

Leave multiplayer games for PC gaming (you can save money and not have to buy multiplayer access **PS Plus** every month).


Games to consider to haven't been listed by others

Detroit: Beyond Human

Shadow of the Colossus

Days Gone


Gran Turismo Series

Infamous Series

Rachet and Clank

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