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lilmilkman ban appeal

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Steam ID:76561198317655236


Admin who banned you: console



What kind of punishment was it (ct ban, perma mute/silence, server ban): It was a perma  ban envade.


Why do you want to be unbanned?: I would want to get unbanned be cause i love this server and i wanted to be admin at first i had a 1 week ban but then i made a mistake and in to the ban got on my alt and tried to get on i should have never done this and i am sorry for the mfk and the ban invade i am very sorry and i would like to say a thanks to @Vudu for helping me all that he can and telling me to try this.



Why should we reduce or undo the mute/ban?:I am someone who loves this server and the updates coming up and i ask all admins to please give a 1 up to unban me i will be less toxic and more respect full i am truly sorry for what i have done i have tried to be good in the community and i will say that many admins are good and yes i do want to be admin but wait at least 1 year when 11 and more mature.

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