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El Zorro I

A request to remove the "no killbind" rule

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If I may be frank, I consider the anti-killbind to be uncalled for, as well as nonsensical. Here are my reasons why I believe this:


1. Killbinds are not toxic. Unlike spam, which is made to either annoy or to abuse, killbinds are more innocent. They are merely to provide a sense of achievement for said kill. My own reason for caving the mark of Zorro is simply out of tradition to the Zorro's of fiction.


2. Killbinds are not spam. No matter how many kills you get, you cannot match someone simply spamming the Lenny bind over and over again. Especially killbinds that are only done occasionally.


3. Gagging players for killbinds is a waste. They cannot communicate with other players, they cannot participate in the server at all, and they are merely bots with no personality. Gagging should be a tool used only when it should be, such as actual spam, toxicity, and other such things.


I await your response.



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Hello Zorro, I understand your frustration with one of FoF's most common rules, as proven by the numbered list provided. I'm here to explain why we have it and why it will not be changing.


1. While a more innocent form, killbinds are still spam, just as lenny spam is lenny spam. Especially if you do so after every single kill. Let's say you go crazy and get 60+ kills in one round of shootout. That is 60 times you'll be sending that same message over and over. That is the definition of spam, which is proven to annoy and sometimes make players leave or file a report.


2. They can be very, very obnoxious depending on the person killed and how. Some people who killbind make them derogatory to the player they have succeeded over, and to ensure fairness, if we let one person do so, we have to let others do so as well. It's better to just not have them at all. It's not what we want our server to be.


3. It in no way, shape or form actually harms the server or population to not have killbinds, as its not a very common practice in our Non-RP servers. If we had them, we actually believe it would cause users to leave.


Hope this clears up any and all concerns with the rule. If this means you cannot have fun on our server, we are truly sorry but you will just need to find another. Thanks and have a good day.

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