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I am still not ready to make the basics 5 yet, so here's a tip for those of you who think they have to prove something with their code.




Remember, you're a programmer. No one cares about what your code really looks like. If they can read it, and it does its job, and it does it well... Then that's it. Seriously.


No shame though, I used to do this same exact thing. Bad habits are bad eggs dea.


Why did I make this as an entire tutorial post? Well, a lot of people make this mistake. I was one of them. I would waste time over engineering my code just because I recently learned about something. Before you start thinking to yourself "man this doesn't show my true programming skill", consider what makes a good programmer. Your ability to problem solve defines how good you are as a programmer. Programming and various languages are just tools in your toolbox. Every single thing you can do in a language are just tools.


If you want to be a good programmer, solve a problem as efficiently as possible. That is your goal as a programmer. Efficiency. You are a problem solver not a damn architect. Just write the damn code haha. In the end, think about it like this:
Lets say you have a nail you need to drive into a piece of wood. You have a few tools you can use. You have a wrench, a shovel, and a hammer. Yes, you could very well use the wrench or the shovel to hammer in that nail... but why? Yeah it gets the same job done, but it is incredibly inefficient and pointless. Just use the hammer.


Thanks for reading. If you didn't know about this yet, hopefully having this knowledge will save you hours of wasted time in the future. Only do what is required. If you need to add onto code later you can do that. But until then, just write the code and get it done.

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