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A Program for Customizing Gmod Themes

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I have already made a post about this here:

But I wanted to make a more official post here.


Right now it doesn't seem to be getting a whole lot of attention, and I'm trying to see if there is anyone interested. Because I am honestly excited for this to become a thing. Because I think I know how I could make it.


This would allow people to customize their Gmod to anything they want, any color in the RGB scale, along with any alpha setting to each color pallet.


I would probably also allow users to open a GUI window that shows the users what their theme would look like in-game. I'd probably allow them to cycle between multiple backgrounds, and of course choose between the options menu, the console, the q menu, etc.


I really want this to be an official project. So please, if you like this idea let me know here. It could be another side project I could develop for GFL.


(Of course you wouldn't have to be in GFL to use it, but I'll still keep GFL in mind as I develop it haha. Especially because I'll be having a little help from @Centrix with the files in Gmod and knowing what pixels to edit)

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