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Ban Appeal for Rotation TTT

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Name: Keplen


Steam ID (or steam profile link): https://steamcommunity.com/id/Keplen/


Banned by: 

Automated Ban


Ban Reason: Karma Ban (Karma too low)


Why should you be unbanned

It was kind of a mess, but pretty much all of the kills i got on innos/t buddies where not intentional, like finding unproven innocents in the t room and killing them, i also accidentaly killed 2 of my t buddies with a holy hand grenade (not 2 in 1 round,  but i killed 1 t buddy accidentaly on separate rounds). Every RDM happened because of a misunderstanding on either my part or others, (except the kills on my T buddies, those are my fault).

So my karma went down after a lot of accidents, and i got karma banned. I am a regular on the server (While i haven't been playing for long, i do play on here often) so it's a bit problematic for me to be banned from here, cheers

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