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Unban request

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hacking (Using snapblocker)






One thing I will admit to is using snapblocker UNINTENTIONALLY on prophunt. I use it in specific for dark RP because the admins on those servers like to abuse their shit, to address “going straight to the props” Not only is this not true BUT also true is because i’ve had over 2,000 hours built up on just prophunt over the span of 3 accounts. It’s easy telling what doesn’t belong within a spot after playing on prophunt for so long, majority of the maps I know by heart just because of it. I am requesting to be unbanned on the terms that 1) I will disable my snap blocker on YOUR SERVERS (Prophunt I don’t play anything else) 2) I will stop being an asshole and give people chances when I don’t have too nor need too 3) Will buy the supporter role so that you feel supported. (If i get unbanned of course. I will even voice chat with someone to explain myself if needed. Hope to speak or get a reply with someone soon, again my apologies did not mean anything malicious by using a snap blocker.

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