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Coven Admin Applications

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Name(s): Coven


Age: 25


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:60245361


What timezone are you in?: Central Daylight Time


Why should you be accepted as an admin? Be as detailed as possible.

I want to become a admin because I want to help keep the server fair and clean as possible, but one thing we all go for is to have fun. I mostly on everyday on the server enjoy playing and will take action if someone accuse another player of hacking by going to spectate and record evidence (Walling, Strange snapping, Aim bot, etc.) with all the information about the hacker, that way I can give to a existing staff member to make it easier for them to remove that player from the server if he is cheating. 


Are you able to be somewhat active on the forums?: Yes (Checks Daily, mostly on TF2 Division)


Do you have any prior experience with being an admin? Explain if yes.
None in TF2 But I was a Moderator on a Garry's Mod Server (Not sure if the commands are the same as TF2)

If you have punishments (warns, bans, and mutes), why were you punished? None


Who is sponsoring your admin application?


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I’m going to start off by saying your activity is phenomenal!

I also see you in the discord reporting and then doing exactly what our admins do.

I believe you’re more than qualified!


The commands are also very similar, theres just a bit of a difference to them...

Which you’ll see if you’re accepted ;) 


You got my +1. 
Good luck!

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