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s4vitar's Hightower Admin Application

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Steam Name(s): s4vitar


SteamID: STEAM_0:0:167638940


Age: 15


Hours played: 13000


Timezone: Eastern Standard Time


Past Admin experience (if any): 

I have no past admin experience.


GFL bans you have and why: None


VAC bans you have and why: None


Why should you get Admin: 

I am very active on the server, and am trustworthy.


Sponsors:  K4 da bae4

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(when it asks for hours, it means on the server but you’re fine either way aha :P )



I’m going to begin by saying since I’m the manager, I’m going to let my admins’ votes decide.

Some info...

You are one of the most active people on the server, and on whenever other admins aren’t.

Sure, admin experience is nice to have, but you have plenty of resources around you for help. Not only are you one of the most active, but you are one of the more laidback and cool people of Hightower that I know. 
You have a lot of experience with the people in the server, and in TF2 in general. You would be one great addition to our team and I am so happy to see you applying. 

My only con is that you literally rape me with spy, smh (jokes)

Good luck with the rest of your application!!! 😄 

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You've been accepted!


Read up on these posts if you need any help.
They are pinned in the staff chat if you need them later on as well!



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