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White Diamond

A Big Ol' Skin Update (Models Included!)

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I've searched the workshop and found a bunch of models that i think would be great for Breach! Here they are.


1) New Foundation Default Skins

D-Class Personell currently can spawn with a variety of skins, so not EVERY default D class looks identical. However, all default researchers look identical, and all TRO look identical. So i wanted to give some new skins to those roles to spice them up a bit and to make them seem less monochrome.




This Pack Contains 2 New TRO Skins that will default spawn alongside the current default, a new default male researcher, and a female researcher. 







2) SCP-173 Halloween Skin


Ideally, he'll be removed by halloween. but he won't be, so...



3) SCP-939


I just like it better.


4) New D Class Defaults




3 New D class skins. White, Black, and Female.?imw=268&imh=268&ima=fit&impolicy=Letterbox&imcolor=%23000000&letterbox=true


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1 hour ago, Cpt.Haxray said:

Old 939 looked like shit. Model quality was terrible as was the textures.



alright. personally i liked it, but i didn't expect all of these to get in. Are there any that would be implemented?


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4 hours ago, Doomnack said:

What's up with people and not posting in suggestions.


a delightful animated film about an old man and a cub scout going on an adventure to South America in a flying house powered by balloons; along the way they meet several people and none of them post their suggestions in the "suggestions" subforum

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